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kindergarten review

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    I'm excited for my son to start kindergarten because he loves interaction with people and other children and where we live is pretty rural (according to HK standards) so he is the only child his age in the immediate radius of us.

    I already applied to two kindergartens for him. I actually applied for pre-kindergarten at both too--but it seems that I was too far down on the list and he won't be accepted into the pre-kindergarten classes this coming September. But, I've talked to the schools and he has been put onto the kindergarten waiting list already.

    One school is very near to us--it's the only kindergarten so near to us in fact. If he goes to this kindergarten, we will qualify for the voucher program as its a local kindergarten with tuition fees falling under the government limit.

    The other school is a spendy, private kindergarten which I'm actually not too impressed with--further away and when I toured that one, right at the height of the swine flu outbreak (early May 2009) the place was, in my opinion, far below the standard it should have been for cleanliness--especially considering that parents pay such a high monthly fee for their children to go there half-day! I hope some of that money is being invested back into hiring a janitor and buying a bottle of bleach! (It really was pretty nasty--if you want the name of the school, PM me).

    It seems that because my son was born in November, like fingerscrossed's friend's daughter, he will be able to start in September of 2010. That's excellent news for us!

    Now, that must mean that we can apply for the voucher scheme in January 2010, right carang?

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    yep, should be able to. You can find info on the edb website. If I remember correctly, the school gave us the application.... But I could be wrong on that....

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