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Prenatal Exercise Classes?

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    Monty is offline Registered User
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    Prenatal Exercise Classes?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant and keen to attend regular prenatal exercise classes. I've had a look through the recommendations in the directory but haven't been able to find any up-to-date information. I'm keen to do yoga or pilates and also interested in any fitness classes/aqua aerobics (it's so hot at the moment, I thought water sports might be a good idea!). What types of classes/where is everybody going to keep fit during their pregnancies?

    So far I have found that Yoga Central and Iyengar Yoga HK are not offering any scheduled prenatal yoga classes anymore. Yoga Limbs and the Yoga Room have two classes a week (although at not at the best times) and the Matilda has one pilates class a week. I've seen that Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga have classes at good times but am wondering if I need to have a membership (which will involve a lengthy commitment no doubt), as opposed to a more casual 'drop in' option that I was hoping for. Is there any other classes available that I haven't discovered yet? Does anybody have an feedback on Anahata Yoga's prenatal classes?

    Keen to hear what other women are doing to stay active! :)

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    I did Pure Yoga but I don't think you can casually drop in. In Stanley there's a place called Flex and I'm sure you can do it by the class or enroll in short term packages.

    There are individual as well as group lessons...

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    Mama moo is offline Registered User
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    hi monty,

    i'm currently in my 22nd week of pregnancy. i've recently joined prenatal yoga classes at planet yoga in central, tied up to a minimum 12 months contract. classes run twice a week on tues & sat afternoons, 1.5 hours each class. i heard pure yoga is charging HK$680 per month. meanwhile planet yoga charges around HK$400 - $580 / month.

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    PurpleFlower is offline Registered User
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    Just a very personal opinion, I wouldn't trust Planet... From my understanding, their instructors are not required to hold officially recognised certifications. I'm a fitness instructor myself and this is purely based on what I hear within the industry.

    I've just had a baby myself and I truly belief pilates is the best thing ever to prepare and protect the pregnant woman, pre and post natal. By directly strengthening your core and pelvic floor, it helps to prevent back pain (caused by the extra load of your baby), stress incontinence and the "pregnancy waddle"!!!

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    I've been going to physio to help my back after having a baby, and this physio place does pilates for rehabilitation which my medical insurance will cover (and I have stingy medical insurance too!!) - I've found it REALLY helpful. The place I go to is Posture Plus and I've noticed while I was there that they have different things specifically for prenatal and postnatal. You can call them if you're interested, the numbers are on the webpage. It's not as much of a social thing as some of the others - but I've noticed the benefits, and they were 10x better than I was expecting!!

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    Sydney, Australia (but would like to return to HK)

    You will need a membership for Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga. At Pure Yoga they let you do your first class for free, but I found the class very crowded. I ended up going to Yoga Limbs which was much more relaxing and had smaller classes with no more than 10-12 people per class and you can just buy a 12 session pass.

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    brightstar is offline Registered User
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    Hey Monty

    No recommendations but I am 18 weeks and looking for the same as you, so just wanted to let you know that we are Dec buddies and are both expecting Christmas bundles :yeah2

    If you ever wanted to get together or just chat, send me a PM. I miss not having a Dec mummies group here - I have one in Oz and it's great support.


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    cesh is offline Registered User
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    I go to the prenatal pilates classes run by the Matilda hospital. They're only on Tuesday afternoons, but are cheap at $150 per class and as long as you call to book a place in advance (only fits 7 or 8 people in class) you aren't locked in to anything. I've been going since 14 weeks and it's been pretty good.
    Otherwise, if your health insurance covers physio, I'd suggest doing one one one pilates sessions with some of the physios that do that, or even some plans cover prenatal pilates sessions. If you want details of a good physio, PM me as I'm really happy with mine.

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