I've just moved to Tai Po (5 mins away from Tai Po market), and will be looking for the following - any advice from mums in the area much appreciated! (Love the area so far, and have a few weeks to find my feet before I start work.)

1) Some sort of playgroup for my helper to take my 16 month old boy when I am working a few times per week. (Priorities being 1) play/ music etc focused and run by experienced child care workers. 2) Morning sessions preferred. Open to whatever language (Eng, Mandarin or Cantonese) as long as the organisers are native speakers.

2) Any fun places for myself to take the kids (16 month and 3 years). I just have Kadoorie farm on my list at the moment.

3) Recommended family doc/ pediatrician.

4) Any recommended stalls at that huge food market. (I prefer to buy local and would love to support some of the local farms if possible)

5) Any other family friendly tips for the area!