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Planning to give birth in HK, Romanian living in Zhenzhen

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Tsuen Wan

    It does take a while to get a birth certificate in HK or so I was told when I was in your exact position last year. I have heard of a UK citizen getting the birth certificate, passport and visa in 10 days, but I was sure this was impossible for my case. Anyway, first you need a birth certificate, then a passport, and then a visa to enter China. That`s the main reason why I ended up having my baby in GZ at the VIP Birthing Centre. I too was stressed at the idea of living in a hotel for a month with my newborn while I waited for paperwork(and the high cost of it).

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    2 weeks for a birth certificate, with that a HKSAR passport, should take a couple weeks and then a "return home permit" from the Chinese government 5 days (fastest)....if everything is smooth then I would say 5 weeks in HK....

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    Nela is offline Registered User
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    Shenzhen, Nanshan

    Just talked to the hospital: birth certificate can be processed (send to Birth Register Office) in 2 working days for an additional administration fee of 1000HK$ that you pay at admission.

    Little pricey, if you ask me, but at least you have such option.
    Which I think it's great!
    If only Romanians authorities could have such service...

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