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ROA endorsment on non HKSAR passport for New Born

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    to be clear we have to seperate ROA (permanent residence) and citizenship. Citizenship is only required for voting and passport. ROA or permanent residence is required to live in HK w/o Visa. Seperate issues. Also HK does still allow dual citizenship. It is just the passport control belongs to China so to have a passport you can only have HK citizenship. So basically if dual citizen, you can vote but not get a passport. having a HK passport and another countries passport is technically illegal no matter when you got the second one (unless before 1997). But like i said you don;t have to proove that you don't have another country's citizenship. Only have to say you don't.

    I am not sure about the ROA. My son got citizenship because my wife is china national. I think 1 of the parents have to be for citizenship. what does it say on the birth certificate? It gives the child's status on it.

    you can also apply for a HKID card for your child. This way you don't need to worry about passport. Not sure if it can be used at Customs though (no picture). i do know can be used as ID at bank.

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    Right of Abode Sticker

    Can any one tell me how long it takes to apply for the 'right of abode sticker' for a foreign passport? The guy at immigration tower said 6-8 weeks, and we were hoping to travel much sooner.

    We are also confused. Our baby daughter who was born in HK and holds a British passport, we were asked to fill out the form ROP 145, which seams to only apply to Chinese nationals making the application.

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    Portia is offline Registered User
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    Please see our earlier thread on the timing
    ROA Endorsment in Non-HKSAR Passport

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