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Advice for Moving with 12 month old

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    Advice for Moving with 12 month old

    I will be moving home for 16 months with my 12 month old daughter and was wondering if anybody could advice me on how to ease the transition. My specific concerns are:

    She will be separated from her daddy and will only see him about every two months and then will be back together after the 16 months

    We will be living with family and I am worried about her being around so many new faces all at once

    She will be starting daycare one week after the move for four days a week for about 10 hours a day and am concerning about attachment and security difficulties

    Has anyone had any similar experiences? I am really worried that this will cause issues later in life. But at the same time, this move is something that is necessary.

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    wow! i wish you luck! that seems like an awful lot of changes for a little one all at once.

    i think how she handles it will depend greatly on her personality. i know my daughter would be much better than my son when it comes to the new surroundings, but my son would handle the daycare issue better.

    i think that all you can do is take it one day at a time. babies (which in many ways, your little one still is) are very resiliant. she won't remember this when she's older (at least it is highly unlikely.) the only thing i would have trouble with is daycare for such a long period of time. is there any way around that? she will be dealing with so much already that i would try to transition her a little more. maybe daycare for a few hours per day to start, then increasing slowly?

    i really feel for you, not something i would like to go through.

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