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Singapore Pre-schools/Int'l Playgroups

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    Singapore Pre-schools/Int'l Playgroups


    Does anyone have any feedback on pre-schools in Singapore? We are looking for something like Tutor Time here where this is a bilingual approach with kids from both ex-pat and local backgrounds.

    Would love to speak to someone who has lived in Singapore before!


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    Fo Tan

    You may check if there's any info @

    But i've heard from friends who i met there said the pre-schools (something like the tutor time one)are generally very expensive, so they rather put the kids in playgroup which have loads in singapore.

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    Schoolhouse by the Bay - I have a good friend who sends her kids there.
    Lorna Whiston
    Chatsworth - My niece attends this school.
    Eton House
    Dover Court Prep
    Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning
    Julia Gabriel Chiltern House - They have a few centres. One of my friend's mum is a principal at one of their centres.

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    Bumps Guest

    Orange Tree offers a bilingual approach.

    The OrangeTree PreSchool

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