Dear moms,

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good nutritionist for my 9-month-old son. He is dropping off the curve because he simply won't drink ANY milk and is too distracted to eat enough solids. Seriously, he is just a little pack of bones. Our pediatricians told us to go to Princess Margaret to see a nutritionist, but I am worried about the swine flu (you know Princess Margaret is where the Centre for Infectious Diseases Control is). So I am hoping that I can find a private nutritionist who has good experiences with helping babies gain weight. Any kind recommendations?

By the way, I was reading this Australian mom's blog on helping her son gain weight, she's got lots of good information listed, so if you are in a similar situation, this is a good read:

Yummy Nummies For CF Tummies - Windows Live

She mentioned Benecalorie by Nesle, does anyone know if I can get this in Hong Kong?