Hi all, I'm due 1st week Feb and I"ll be making a trip home to Sg soon and one one my missions is to find an experienced post natal malay massage lady. In Sg, its tradition to have a post natal lady massage you for about 1 hour and then bind in a a trad'l sarong/ bind - although the correct term is actually bengkung.

This is not so much for relaxation as it is to help the mum recover faster better. YEs C-sect can do it too (but 3-4 wks after delivery)

I'm trying to persuade someone to come up but will need 2-3 other mums. Cost is aprx 3,500hkd-4000 for 7 days of massage NOT INCL transport to your place.

We will also split airfare cost or if anyone has airmiles to use- might be offset against massage cost.

I will provide more info when I'm back in HK, after Sep 13. Pls email me if you are genuinely serious/ interested, can afford the above and also due from Jan 2010 - mid Feb. 2010

She will only stay for 9 days so I cant help anyone due in late Feb/ mar or any other dates... sorry.