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2nd pregnancy bump

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    2nd pregnancy bump

    Hi All,

    I am now just starting my 2nd pregnancy (around 6 weeks?) and I am already very uncomfortable in my regular clothes so I am wearing dresses. My lower abdomen is just getting so big already! I did a lot of ab work over the last few months knowing I would get pregnant so I am a little suprise how early I will show. When did you start showing during your 2nd pregnancy and how much weight did you put on vs the first?

    My regular weight is 105lbs and with my last pregnancy I put on 40lbs. I hope to put on around 30lb this time around.

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    I felt bloated and uncomfortable in my clothes until around the fourth month when I noticeably started to 'pop.' Enjoy it :) and then if you want a mother& baby yoga buddy when the LO is here count me in (I still regret not doing it the first time round!)

    Proud Mama to Kian Danyaal 08.12.2007 & Adara Michelle 10.10.2009

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