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Post birth wrap

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    Post birth wrap

    Good morning members,

    I over heard someone speaking about the wonders of the"Indonesian wrap" she had after her child was born...this occurred in Singapore and seems to be a common practice there after childbirth. While I do not know much about this seems to help with recovery process... getting the placenta back into place....and you also get a wonderful massage....does anyone know if this is done here in HK? would love to know more about it...

    Thank you,

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    There is MayGi Post Natal Massage here in HK (there's their ad on geobaby). One of my friends went to her for the massage & tummy wrap & mentioned that it was pretty close to the ones we have in Singapore.

    I do highly recommend to do perhaps at least 7days of this massage & wrap as you feel really refreshed, relaxed & somehow my joints felt limber after each massage. The wrap works wonders on your tummy too & it helped me curb my appetite :D Back in Singapore, some ladies do wear them up to a month after giving birth (well only taking it off during shower).

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