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Which car seat?

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    Jan 2007

    Which car seat?


    We just got a car and would like to buy a car seat - we're looking for one which is suitable for newborn up to about 3-4 years. We went to B2B and Mothercare which only seem to stock Britax for this age range. We also went to the Chicco store which had a suitable model but was about $1,000 more than Britax.

    Can anyone recommend which brand is good? Britax, Chicco or another brand? Where is the best place to buy car seats?

    Any comments appreciated! Thanks.

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    slamdunk is offline Registered User
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    Newborns have to be in a 'capsule' or infant seat which is backward facing (cos their necks aren't strong enough). I think the recommended age to switch them to a toddler stage 1 seat (forward facing) is when they're 1 year old or/and over 10kg (I forget exactly).

    Then they can sit in this for a few years (depending on how big your child is or whether it converts to a child's booster seat). Toys r Us have some car seats.

    We used maxi cosi 'capsule' for newborn because it could be used with our pushchair and use Britax (v good) for toddler.

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    Hung Hom

    i am using combi. costs around 2k. good for infant up to 4 years old.

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    I hear Britax is good - and they should do a combination seat (the ones that you can have rear-facing and angled for newborns and turn around and sit up for older kids. A couple of their seats are approved by Australian Standards which are pretty tough compared to the US & UK.
    We only didn't go with Britax because I wanted a capsule I could take out and attach to the pram we have, and that I could still use when I wanted to get a taxi.

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    If it's between Britax and Chicco, I would go with Britax as they've been around for ever and very reputable. Like Slamduck, we also used two car seats - the Maxi Cosi for 0 - 12 months (b/c it was backwards facing) and then switched to a Graco.

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    We have a newborn which we use an Australian carseat for and it says on the side rear facing upto 8kg, then we can turn it around and make it forward facing. It is a 'safe and sound' brand, which I believe is Britax here. We also have an 18 month old, and bought a Britax and find it extremely good, especially with the Isofix (your car need to have this attachment). Would strongly recommend Britax, but not sure about what is best here for a newborn.

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