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Tops for bottle feeding your baby

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    Tops for bottle feeding your baby

    At one time, giving a baby a bottle was a risky proposition. Because of poor sanitation and inadequate formulas, bottle-fed babies often didn?t thrive and frequently fell ill or even died from infection. Nowadays, commercial baby formulas are designed to imitate mother?s milk as much as is scientifically possible and is a safe and appropriate choice in baby feeding. But proper sanitation and correct mixing in the home must be followed in order to be sure the milk you feed your baby is safe. In this guide, I am going to tell you that how you can bottle feed your baby in a safe way.

    1.Always check the expiry date on a formula; do not buy or use any formula that has expired. Do not buy or use dented, leaky or otherwise damage cans or other containers.

    2.Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing formula. Before opening, wash the tops of formula cans with detergent and hot water; rinse well and dry. Shake if required.

    3.Use only a sharp, clean can opener, preferably reserved only for opening formula, to open cans of dry formula; wash the opener before and after each use. Use a clean punch type opener to open cans of liquid formula.

    4.When preparing bottles of formula, also prepare a bottle or two of sterilized water for use as needed between feeding. When your baby is between one and two months old, your doctor may okay giving water that has not boiled.

    5.Wash everything used for baby feeding in a clean dishpan reserved for this purpose, scrubbing with bottle brushes, detergent and hot water. Squeeze soapy water through nipple holes and then squeeze hot rinse water through several times.

    6.Follow the manufacturer?s direction precisely when mixing formula. If they differ from those given by the nursery or doctor, be sure to ask why before preparing the formula, it may be that the instructions you were given were for a different formula.

    7.Heat a bottle of formula before using, if necessary, by running hot water over it. Check the temperature frequently by shaking a few drops on your inner wrist.

    8.Do not reuse leftover formula. Any formula remaining after a feeding should be discarded. Its potential breeding ground for bacteria.

    9.Rinse bottles and nipples right after use for easier cleaning.

    10.Keep prepared bottles of formula refrigerated until ready to use. If you are traveling away from home, take along ready-to-use bottled formula or a bottle of sterile water.

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    ummmm.... thank you?

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    To echo Cara.. ????

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