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Help - New in HK and 1 month pregnant.

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    Aberdeen, Hong Kong

    Help - New in HK and 1 month pregnant.

    Hello - We have newly arrived in Hong Kong from the UK and my wife (who does not even have a visa yet as we are newly married) is 1 month pregnant - We are worried as the medical scheme she has access to, which is provided by the company I work for, does not cover pregnancy. We are just worried about scans e.t.c and also ensuring an English speaking doctor e.t.c - Are there any private hospitals out there we can approach. We are in Aberdeen on HK Island.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi HKRS, welcome to HK!

    If her current insurance schemes do not cover pregnancy, I suspect it might be a little late to sign on for another one (most insurance companies have a waiting period for pregnancy benefits to come into effect. If anyone knows otherwise, kindly advise).

    Public hospitals in HK are very affordable so i think you don't have to worry about that. Private medical care can be expensive depending on the doctors and the hospitals you go to.

    If you wish to have a private OBGYN look after your wife throughout her pregnancy, they typically deliver only in private hospitals (e.g. Matilda, Adventist, Canossa, Sanatorium). My doctor charges HKD700 per consultation, and HKD600 per ultrasound scan, for your ref.

    Hope the above is useful as a guide.

    Congratulation to you and your wife!! :)

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    queen mary is near you and though public has excellent english facilities/speakers

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    Welcome to HK!

    Have a read through this article on Pregnancy in HK

    Pregnancy in Hong Kong

    Once your wife has an ID card, or even a temporary ID card, she can register with the Government clinics for prenatal care. I believe there is a clinic in Ap Lei Chau, or she can register at Tsan Yuk Hospital.

    Good luck!

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    hi! welcome to hk!!

    yes, unfortunately a lot of insurance co's won't accept you, but you might want to check around b/c some will still accept your wife prior 3 mos... but do hurry!! We got into the same trouble, and didn't realize that normal work ins. doesn't cover pregnancy (where it typically does in the states)! big big mistake. :(

    also there are plenty of doctors whom i believe most speak english, esp on the hk side! rani has posted the link but if you continue to search the forums there's plenty of great information on this site!!

    good luck! :)

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