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Moving from a cot to a bed?

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    LeahH is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007
    Hong Kong, Mid Levels

    Moving from a cot to a bed?

    Hi, our 2 year old daughter is currently in a cot and we are preparing to transition our 6 month old son from his hammock to a cot when he's 7 months.

    We have an ikea trundle bed in the spare room and one option is that the 2 year old could sleep on the lower one giving up the cot for her brother.

    She sleeps through well but will sometimes wake early morning and if left, will go back to sleep. She sometimes also has a bit of a cry when going to bed but again, if left, will fall off to sleep within 5 mins.

    As the baby is still waking once in the night and getting up at 6am, I'm not looking forward to potentially dealing with her up as well!

    I can buy another cot for the baby, or perhaps a cot bed for the 2 year old? It's just a space issue really and the fact it's a bit redundant to buy more kit.

    Also, they are in separate rooms but I wouldn't mind putting them in together once the baby is regularly sleeping through.

    For those that have kids in together, how do you manage one waking the other up early?

    Thanks for an advice

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2008
    Tsuen Wan

    Hi LeahH -I can`t directly answer your question bc I have only one child, but I recently transitioned him from his hammock into a cot - he was 6 months exactly. It was not the easiest transition. Since you`ll be dealing with two transitions at the same time, I would start preparing the little one first, possibly. Maybe you can put him in the cot for naps, with some of her toys to settle down with first so he can see that it`s not so scary. My son did daytime naps in there fine, but at nighttime it was a harder transition. The funny part is that the minute he was first put into the cot for a nap, he turned over on his side to sleep. Soon after he went on his tummy. He loves the space and being able to roll about as will.
    Good luck with both of your kids.

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    rmp is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2008
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    I have two boys. They are two years apart 2 and 4. I remember my older one never liked his small toddler bed(the one converted from the cot) because he moves around so much at night. So I just put him in the Queen size bed when he is about 3 years old. And he is fine. His younger brother was in the cot until 4 months ago when he kept waking up at night. So we decided to try the toddler bed and he didn't like it either. So on one of our vocations in a hotel, I put both of them in the same bed and they were able to sleep together. So ever since then, I just put both of them together in the same queen size bed. And it worked out so well for us. In the beginning the little one falls off bed a couple of times, but I had a thick cushion on the floor so he doesn't get hurt. Now it is perfect. They keep each other warm at night and I only need to put them sleep once instead of twice with both of them. They wake up in the morning talking to each other giggling instead of coming to our room right away... I am very happy about the arrangement.

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    we never had any problems with extra waking or anything when we transitioned my son from his cot to a bed. he was 2.5yrs old at the time.
    we have a bed rail on the side so he can't fall out. he is now 3.5yrs old and still calls out in the morning when he wakes and wants to get up. even though he coud just get out himself. i have had a couple of times when he has gotten out of bed at nap time when he didn't want to sleep but it has been very rare.
    i have friends who have had similar experiences.
    hopefully yours will be a smooth transition as well.

    my boys are 2 years apart and I am thinking about moving them into the same room soon so i'll be watching any advice/comments you get about that! im just too scared to do it at the moment while things are going so smoothly.

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    sherwes is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2007

    Hi Leah,
    I have a similar issue as I have a 3 month old daughter and a 21 month old son. Once the 3 month old reaches 6 months I want to move her into the same room as her brother (and, indeed, into his cot with him moving to a bed). Looking forward to seeing any advice you receive as I am nervous about the move disturbing my son's good sleeping habits!

    p.s. we have just moved to Pokfulam so we should restart the playdates if your daughter still wants playmates!

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    LeahH is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007
    Hong Kong, Mid Levels

    Thanks everyone, someone has just kindly given me a cot so I feel better about adding to our 'stuff' as it's recycling.

    I think I will try the two cots in the same room as soon as the wee one is sleeping through (I do hope sometime soon!).

    Shenzheniffer - good idea, I will put him in for his day time naps first to see how it goes. My daughter transitioned from the hammock to the cot fine at 7 months, but I get the feeling this one is going to be a little different as he loves his hammock and thrashes his legs to get it swinging for fun.

    Sherwes, will email you - def up for some Pokfulam playdates

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    etbabe is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2009
    Island East

    Hi LeahH,

    I have a 23mths boy. We prepared a sigle room for him when he was 15mths. First we teached him how to get down from his bed (with bed rail ont he side) and let him to sleep on his new bed during the day time. After a week, he loves his new bed so much and didn't want to sleep on his "Baby bed" anymore. And now he will come to my room and wake me up in the morning.

    Just try, you may have some surprise.


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