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Age to start bunkbed?

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    Age to start bunkbed?

    Just wondering what age did your children start using bunkbeds?

    My son is 4.5 and the other one is approaching 2 yrs. I want them to share a room in the future.

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    It's generally recommended that a child should not be allowed to sleep on the top bed before the age of six. Of course you could have your son in there from whatever age you think he's ready at; I think 2 things would determine this 1. how confident he is in climbing up and down the ladder and 2. is he mature enough to play sensibly if he wants to during the day on the top bunk? Most bunk bed injuries are actually a result of kids playing on the top bunk, not them falling off during the night. And I dont know if any kids would really follow a 'no playing' rule on their beds, I'd personally find that difficult to enforce as a bed should really be a place a child should feel completely at ease in.

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    We bought a bunk-bed as well, when our son was around 4 yrs old and he likes to sleep on both the top/bottom. There are several at Ikea, with different heights. We bought the lowest, so if he does fall, its not from that high.

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    we put ours up at age 4.5 and 2.5 and have a strict no playing rule. They tend to rough house a lot. No one goes n teh top bunk until bedtime. My oldest has been there for a year now, has never fallen out .Most of there toys are in the playroom so the bedroom has only books, and whatever toys that migrate there.

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    My oldest started sleeping on the top bunk when she was about 4.5. It was out of necessity, though, because there was nowhere else for her to sleep unless we put her on the floor. She's 6 now, and has never fallen off or gotten hurt or anything. Younger dd started sleeping in the lower bunk when she was barely 1 year old. Just put a railing on the side so she wouldn't roll out. It's worked out great for us.

    All the best,

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