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Preseed and fertility monitor - you can get it in hk!

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    Preseed and fertility monitor - you can get it in hk!

    For all the ladies out there that emailed me about the fertility monitor- sorry it was gone ages ago, but just some info for you ladies.
    I know someone that sells both the preseed and fertility monitor and the sticks. A few days ago I had to call for a doctor to do a home visit for me as didn't fancy going to a hospital with all those germs around these days(my 5 yr old had a fever, but thank goodness , it was just normal flu!).
    Anyway, long story short she had her medicine bag with her and I spotted a box of preseed, so asked her where she got it from as I know HOng Kong doesn't sell them- she said she gets them directly from the UK as thats where she came from- also asked whther she had the fertlity monitor and sticks and shes got the lot (which is great cos I remember having a big hassle getting my friend to ship it over from abroad). Anyway, she told me she sells them, but forgot to ask her the price, but its good to know that if you want them you don't need to ask someone to ship it over anymore!

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    Are you talking about the Clearblue Easy Monitor, the digital one ? If so I'd be intested to know which doctor you went to see :)
    Thanks !

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