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Kid crying at school

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    Kid crying at school

    Hi everyone! There is something that I would like to ask what everyone will do if your baby cries at school. My son starts going to school K1 two weeks ago in Hunghom. He just cried for the first two days, and then was fine, but this week, he came home two times and tell me he cried in the school, but he didnt tell the reason, so for the first time I called his teacher and asked her about it. she told me he cried at the end of the class, and she couldn't figure out why, she said she asked him, and then say perhaps he hurt his fingers because his classmates were moving the desk around, so I think it was just fine, but today , again he told me cried in school, what do you think you will do now, when your kid cannot tell you the reason, do u think i should ask the teacher again or would I just be too anxious?

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    kids cry for many reasons:
    don't want class to end

    i would give it a little while and just gently ask him about it. make sure you talk about it without pressure on him. you could say something like, "oh, you don't want to talk about it now... no problem... when you are ready, you can tell me." "i've heard that many kids cry when the start school again. sometimes it's because....etc. do any kids in your class cry? do you know why?" if he answers yes, because.... then that gives you a natural way to approach it.

    he may be afraid of your reaction. he may not really know the reason he is crying. he may be afraid of the teacher/classmate... just give him some time.

    is it a new school for him?

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    The reason is very often associated with 'attachment'. Young children feel secure and safe in their most familiar environment with their primary caregiver - usually mother but in Hong Kong this may also be the helper. If he is new to a school environment, which presents him with additional caregivers and social demands, he could be feeling a bit overwhelmed in dealing with this new environment. You may want to sit with him for an hour in class, demonstrate to him through your behavior towards his teachers and peers that you have complete confidence in them. Then start lessening the time spent in class. Hopefully he will start to feel more secure in being left by you with people you trust. Attachment is natural in child development, overly attached needs some additional strategies to help the little one.

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