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Active during pregnancy?

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    kip1 is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2009

    Active during pregnancy?

    Just wondering how many mums to be who were active before becoming pregnant, in particular running, are/were active during pregnancy? How much could you keep it up? Thanks!

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    PurpleFlower is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2008
    Hong Kong

    I taught cycling classes until I was 7 months, step and pilates until I was 8 months. Because I was so active before I got pregnant, and there were no problems with the pregnancy, I didn't find it difficult to keep going. It did get more difficult towards the end, so I stopped teaching, but I was still very active in getting out and about. I guess if you have good body awareness, you'll know when you need to take it down a little. Safety was my number 1 priority so I adjusted the exercises accordingly.

    I guess with running, you need to be more careful with your knees and probably better to take it down to a brisk walk as you approach your 3rd trimester.

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    Apr 2008
    Sydney, Australia (but would like to return to HK)

    I was very active before I was pregnant, competed in a triathlon, was at the gym 5 days a week for cycling, bodypump and yoga classes and did alot of hiking. When I got pregnant I was so exhausted and all I managed to do was prenatal yoga twice a week from 20 weeks. I had a low functioning thyroid and until my doctor put me on thyroxin I was totally exhausted from doing simple things like having a shower.

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    csj is offline Registered User
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    I agree with Purple Flower: it depends on your fitness level pre-pregnancy and your pregnancy as well. I was also very active before my pregnancy and had an easy pregnancy but I gradually reduced my activities to hiking and prenatal yoga.
    If you were quite active with running, I think you could keep it up to the end of your first trimester but after you should try to do lower impact cardio workouts; for ex. eliptical machine, walking/hiking at a fast pace, or stairs master (up to end of 2nd trimester is best though).
    Basically keep the cardio exercises (to help you for the delivery and the recovery) but don't do too much bouncy exercises and you also have to be careful with the joints (knees and pelvis in particular) as they loosen up during pregnancy. Listen to your body and don't push too hard.

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    FShah is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2007

    I was active prepregnancy, hence was able to keep running, run up stairs, doing pilates & yoga till the end of my 2nd trimester after which i kept it down to long walks instead of running & always out & about. I do agree with PurpleFlower that if you have a good body awareness, you should be able to gauge how much you can take. If your doctor gives you a green light & you feel comfortable then it would be a good idea to keep exercising.

    For me keeping active was my ticket to a sane body, mind & soul heh~

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    Sleuth is offline Registered User
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    Fo Tan

    My wife was doing step aerobics the night before going into labor. Also, yoga two nights before going into labor.
    However, she takes three classes/week and has been doing so for years, so shw was in shape to begin with.
    And both the yoga and the aerobics were eventually modified on account of pregnancy. Not stopped, just modified.

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