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How much solids should babies eat?

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    Shenz - I've actually tried to decrease the amount I feed her, but it's a real fight!! I've managed to get it down to as little as 4-5 times a day, but she gets cranky if she wants milk and I offer something else. I haven't decided yet when I'll actively wean her, but I would prefer if I could get it down to only maybe 2 times a day by the time she's a year or so... it's hard though because she never seems to drink much, she just likes to drink frequently!!

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    I don't know much about the percentile chart or how relevant it is in all cases. Since your baby is a mixed baby and neither of his parents are large people (and by large, I mean, "big boned" ), he may be in a lower weight percentile for a certain ethnicity but that may or may not apply to him. Have you checked the Japanese percentile chart? Actually, in HK, the HK percentile chart is different than the one in the USA. Also, what percentile is he in for height? If he's in a lower percentile for height that might point to him being a more petite person overall.

    Basically, my theory is that healthy babies eat until they're full. So, if your baby is otherwise healthy and you give him food until he refuses it, then he's probably getting enough. Also, your meal plans for him seem quite balanced.

    My son is a solid little guy, as you know. He's in the 95th percentile for height on the USA percentile chart and in the 75th percentile for weight on the same chart. Picking him up is like trying to lift a large bag of rice. He has never been fat but he's always been solid--I mean, the kid isn't even two years old yet and he's got little muscly biceps and a very broad chest and shoulders (exactly like my father, brother and actually my husband too). When he was 6 weeks old, local HK people were asking me if he was 4-5 months old! But, when I look at the gene pool he comes from, at least on my side of the family, my father is 6'1", my brother is 6'3", my sister is 5'11" and my mom is 5'7". I am the shortest at 5'6". I am also the smallest in my "big boned" family for weight and I always have been. So, even though my husband is only 56 kilos and is 5'7" I can pretty well guess my son is going to grow up to be a larger person.

    How tall your baby? How much does he weigh exactly?

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    thanka2 - he is maybe 70cm and weighs 7.8 kgs. My husband and I are not big people, but not tiny. My son is even smaller than `normal` according to the Japanese growth chart too.

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    Hey. I think if I had suspicions that my child was underweight this is what I would do:

    1. Go to his doctor and have a consultation to check and see if his weight is so extremely off from "normal" that it warrants doing something about it. At around 7-9 months-old my son was about 10-11 kg. And, as I said, he is quite a muscular build and very tall for his age so, maybe 7.8 kg isn't that small for your son's particular build. I know you said you and your husband aren't tiny, which is true but I would definitely consider you both thin people. I referred to my dad and brother before--my dad, at his smallest/slimmest/fittest weight weighs 115 kg and my brother is similar. This is when my dad was in track and field in secondary school and winning in state competitions. I don't know what the size conversion for shoes is here in HK but in American shoe size my dad wears a size 15 and my brother a size 17...believe me, in comparison, you and your husband (and nearly every other person I know) is "slight" and "small." :0) So, those are the specific genetics I'm talking about when it comes to my son. I can't wait to see what my son looks like as a teenager (and much food he will consume??!!)

    2. Based on what my doctor tells me, I would start designing meals that have higher calorie content. The amount (as in volume or bulk) of food probably isn't such an issue. A bowl of rice may fill your belly but if you're trying to put on weight it doesn't go too far toward that. So, I guess, maybe I would think about how I prepare the food--ways that I can add more healthy oils to the diet (i.e. cooking with more oil, giving foods that are higher in fat content etc.) If my son was found to be truly underweight, it's helpful to get more calories in his diet--so feeding more calorie dense foods would be an option. Also, there have been times when my son's appetite has seemed to be lagging--when it would get to the point where he was only eating one small meal a day and refusing other food, I actually fed him what is called "Chinese Appetizing Tea for Babies"--there are several brands but I bought mine at Watson's. It actually worked in increasing my son's appetite--I'd only have to use it for a day or so and his appetite would pick up.

    3. Based also on what I find out from my doctor, I would add a baby vitamin supplement into my son's diet. I have one that I use with my son that's all natural. Sometimes I've found with my own body that it doesn't function as well without the proper nutrients--vitamins and minerals. Afterall, vitamins and minerals are really essential in helping all of us get the most out of the food we eat.

    I really hope that you can pay a visit to your son's doctor and that he/she can point you in the right direction.

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    my baby just turned one and she still has 2 bottles per day...her feeding schedule is such:
    8am 6oz
    12noon Lunch: 120-140ml rice / pasta + veggies + meat and 2oz water
    4:30 snack (optional - depends if she is hungry)
    7pm Dinner: same as lunch time
    8:30pm 5oz (diluted milk)

    Though she is 1years already, I will still maintain 2 bottles of milk for as long as she is willing to drink it since I want her to get into the habit of drinking milk because of it's calcium (I don't like to drink milk so think it's important for her to develop a good habit of drinking it unlike me). In order to ensure she is not a fussy eater, I give her a big variety of foods to eat at her 2 solid meals...I don't think I will be giving her 3 solid meals until her appetite increases and perhaps I will add some more solids at breakfast time inconjunction with the milk....perhaps cereals with milk when she is older, sometimes I have fruit and milk in the mornings for breakfast....

    my daughters weight gain has pretty much leveled off after 10 months..though she's not a big walker (she enjoys sitting the best), her weight gain has been only 2pounds in the past 2months..her last biggest leap in weight gain was from 4 months to 5months and after that it was been pretty much 1 pound per month...and last time I checked she was 92percentile for weight....she's not eating that much but I guess her absorption is great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenzhennifer View Post
    Karmah1 - I add silken tofu to whatever he is eating. Like for lunch today for his veg I gave him 2 cubes cauliflower, 1 cube carrot and about a tablespoon of tofu and just mixed it together. Also, it sounds like your baby is drinking more milk than mine. I`m sure he`s not drinking 200 mls per feed, maybe right before bed, but that`s it. I actually started to cut back his food a little so he would be hungrier for milk. now I don`t know which will make him gain more...:(

    thanks Shenzhennifer! i will give it a go this week

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