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sleeping time?

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    zac08 is offline Registered User
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    my 17 month old is down for the count by 7-7:15pm... i have read and heard that the 7-7 sleep cycle is most conducive to a child's development (because they do develop and grow in their sleep!). not that my son sleeps til 7am (he's usually up around 6/630am) but it does guarantee him at least 11 hours of sleep every night which i know is good for him because he wakes up so happy and refreshed. also, as many other posters have written, i really really really love that the house is quiet and peaceful by 7pm. my husband and i relish the few hours we get together just the two of us before we hit the sack as well.

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    For my 8 month old, bedtime routine starts at 7.15 and he`s usually asleep by 8pm. Weekends he usually stays up a bit later due to our own timetable. I have experimented with many bedtimes, but this is the one that most works. My husband isn`t home yet, but as I see it, too bad for him. I`m taking care of him all day every day - I also need a break. As everyone knows, no matter how cute your baby is or how much you love them, bedtime is always a nice part of the day.

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    Jo Bowd is offline Registered User
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    Both 4 and 2 year old are in bed by 7. 730pm the latest.

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    My 10 month old lately has been going to bed at around 8pm and out of all her different bedtimes (from 11pm, to 10pm, to 9pm) this actually works best for us. I think she is getting more sleep at night now - although she seems to do better with only one daily nap, I think. From my limited experience, it seems that my daughter generally wakes around the same time regardless of when we put her to bed. And if I put her to bed later, she needs more sleep in the day time. At the moment, my husband isn't seeing her much - he's studying part time for about 4 months... but after his exams, he'll be getting home around 7 or 7:30 again and he'll still be able to see her a bit before bed. That's if I'm still doing the same bedtime routine by then ;)

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    Koan is offline Registered User
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    My 19mnth old is asleep by 8pm, he nurses around 3am (usually semi-asleep) and gets up around 7am. He has a nap from 2-4pm. I think he sleeps very well.

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    thanka2 is offline Registered User
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    My 22-month-old goes to bed no later than 8:30 pm on average and tonight he went to bed at 7:30 pm because he will have to get up earlier tomorrow for a playgroup meeting. He sleeps about 12 hours straight and does not get up for a night feed since he was about 10-months-old. He generally takes a nap about 11 am that lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours. He's always been an active boy so he needs his rest. He sleeps well and we have a well-established schedule for him which we make a very strong effort to not mess with. That means that basically our schedule revolves quite a bit around his sleep schedule. Sometimes we put him to bed a bit later and sometimes he has to get up a bit earlier and once in awhile he doesn't get a nap--but usually on those days we have to pay for it with a very overtired little boy.

    I know that local parents want to keep their children up later so that they can play with them and I guess that's understandable but at the same time it may affect their quality of sleep, especially if they're being kept up when really their little bodies are craving more sleep. Children especially need more hours a day of sleep because of their enormous growth needs. There have also been some things written about how babies get better quality of sleep the earlier they lay down. I guess it's a really tough situation for parents who work late.

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    I'm a big believer that sleep begets sleep. The more they sleep, the more they sleep!! Over tired children don't sleep as well.
    But it's also fair to say that a few children don't seem to need as much sleep as others. I just think these cases are a lot fewer than we realise.

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    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    my mum used to say that one hour of sleep before midnight was worth two after.

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