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Pain breastfeeding 10 month old

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    I just wanted to update this thread...

    I followed the LLL advice to use the cream for thrush as it wouldn't harm, even if it wasn't thrush. (I had to improvise - I used a miconazole cream that isn't for the mouth so I had to clean it off before feeds, and I gave my bub nystatin too). The first time that I used the cream, I just used it until it felt better but this time I was told to continue to use it for a week after the symptoms went away. So I used the cream, only saw an improvement after about 3 or 4 days. Then another couple of days and I was completely pain free!!

    I had been dealing with the pain for about 2 months, but really the treatment was SO simple. So I just wanted to update this thread just in case anyone is in a similar situation to me. I wish that I'd really known how to deal with it when it FIRST happened, then I wouldn't have had to have gone through all that pain. But thankfully it's behind us now and we know better now :)

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    Also to add, I have daktarin oral gel but got it at my Ped's office after he diagnosed thrush (the baby had little white spots around his mouth - I had nothing but identical pain to Nicolejoy). It worked super fast to clear up both the pain and the baby's spots.

    Sorry Nicolejoy, didnt see your original post looking for the oral gel. My ped is at Veritas Medical Centre if anyone else is looking for it.

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