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IQ Testing

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    IQ Testing

    My son's teacher "strongly suggest" that I should have my son's IQ tested. . . has anyone had that done before? If so, where and how much?

    3 years ago, my son's kindy teacher did ask me to have his EQ tested, and I didn't do it as I thought he was too young (3.5 at that time), but now I am hesitant to ignore the suggestion. Any comments/recommendations appreciated.

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    Your local Doctor may be able to help suggest a psychologist to do the test. We went to Dr Yvonne Becher in DB but I think she works in Central too. You could try 2987 7575 and see where she works in Central

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    As an FYI. . . in case someone needs this for future reference. . . This is a list of IQ testing center that I got from my son's school:

    中心/ 機構名稱 機構性質
    1. 香港小童群益會 (Assessment Centre)電話: 2520 2950 志願機構
    2. 邁步兒童發展中心電話: 2899 2993 私人
    3. 新領域潛能發展中心 私人
    4. HK EP Services Centre Ltd電話: 28571709 私人
    5. Spectrum Psychological Services電話: 2525 0010 私人
    6. 尤德夫人兒童體能智力測驗中心電話: 2727 8474 政府 ? 需排期約一年

    I've made phone calls to some and here's a brief summary:

    1 They only administer test in Chinese
    2. Quoted $4,500 for the English IQ test. STEP Center for Child Development
    3. I did not contact them as I did not find a phone number
    4. $5,000 for the english test, using Wescsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fourth Edition. . . supposedly the Chinese version will be cheaper. Hong Kong EP Services Centre Ltd
    5. quoted $3,500 Spectrum Psychological Services
    6. Did not contact them as it requires approx one-year waiting list??

    Hope that someone will find this helpful. Rani, if I've posted anything inappropriate, ie the rates or web address, please feel free to edit.

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    Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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