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Finding the first-visit doctor in Yuen Long

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    Finding the first-visit doctor in Yuen Long


    I'm an expat from Thailand, I've just known that I'm pregnant for 5 weeks (it's the first time conceived) and still have no idea about which and where recommended doctor to go to see including the hospital system around here (in HK). My questions are;

    1) where should I go at the first time, clinic/hospital ?
    2) which clinic/hospital you recommended in Yuen Long? (I live close to the Yuen Long mtr station) It will be appreciated if you can leave the name and also the number of the doctor :)
    3) do I have to make an appointment before going there or I can walk-in?
    4) how much dose it cost (in average) ? I can afford both public and private but just let me know one of the best which will not make moms like us disappointed (especially who is in the very first time)


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    Hey, I live near Yuen Long. Congrats on your pregnancy.

    1) I'm sure different people will tell you different things but I suggest seeing a private OBGYN at a clinic to confirm your pregnancy. I am not sure how you go about this in the public hospital--someone who has had that experience can share it with you. For a private OBGYN, I think there is a guide published on this site that lists various doctors. If you're interested in the numbers of the doctors I know, PM (private message) me and I'll send them to you.

    2)As far as OBGYNs in Yuen Long--I haven't heard of any. I know where the Yuen Long Center is but unfortunately, you will have to travel somewhere else to see an OBGYN. I have heard rumors that there is a decent, English-speaking one in Tuen Mun but I'm not sure about that. During my pregnancy, I went to my appointments once a month in Causeway Bay.

    3) With OBGYNs you need to make an appointment. Usually if you show up on time for the appointment, or even early, you will probably still have to wait--but that depends entirely on the doctor. I've always had to wait at least 30 minutes to see my doctor and she's one of the "quicker" doctors, actually. The thing is, because they sometimes have to go out to deliver a baby, they may be running late a lot.

    4) If you are HK ID holder, visiting a doctor at public hospital is 100-500 HKD, depending on the specialty. I saw a heart specialist this summer at the public hospital in Yuen Long and every appointment was about 200-300 HKD. I did not deal with the public system for my pregnancy here so someone else with that experience can answer your question. For private consultation, the general price is 500 HKD+ My doctor during my pregnancy was the cheapest, English-speaking doctor who was relatively well-known I could find and her consultation was 500 HKD for consultation and then something like 180-200 HKD (each) for any tests or ultrasounds done. I also saw a couple of recommended and well-known doctors (which I thought were terrible, actually) and their consultation fee was over 1000 HKD and their tests ranged from 500-800 HKD (each). So, once you get some recommendations for doctors, be sure to call them up and ask them what their fees are so you're not shocked when they hand you the bill.

    As far as not being disappointed the first time, no one can promise you that. Choosing an OBGYN doctor is very personal. One doctor that everyone raves about may turn out to be a total nightmare for you (that happened to me twice! at one appointment when I was 8 weeks pregnant the doctor was so mean to me I left in tears!) I do hope that you're lucky and pick the right doctor for you right away but sometimes it takes time to find a good one--or one that you are able to work with and allow to be present during the birth of your child. There are no guarantees, though.

    Good luck!

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