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Matilda - staying additional night?

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    Workingmom1975 is offline Registered User
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    Matilda - staying additional night?

    To moms who gave birth at Matilda before:

    As my due date is coming up, I start to wonder whether it's possible to stay an extra night at Matilda (3 nights for natural delivery just doesn't seem very long!) given all the support there. However, I heard it's quite difficult as the hospital is busy most of the time. Just wonder whether anyone has managed to stay an extra night there before and how you did it? Thanks!

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    zac08 is offline Registered User
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    hmmmm, never heard of anyone asking to stay an additional night at a hospital! the matilda is nice as hospitals go but not so amazing that i would have preferred an extra night there over going back to the comfort of my own home. i had a natural birth and by day 3 i was itching to get out and go back home to a MUCH more comfy bed, nicer ambience and better food and where my husband and i could really start bonding with my baby. not sure if this is your first birth, but if you do go natural you will most likely feel that 3 days is more than enough. i remember by day 2, i was walking around the hall thinking i feel completely fine and ready to walk out of here. after all, it is still a hospital.

    sorry i have no idea if it is possible to stay an extra night (my sense is that it is not possible since so many women are waitlisted to even just get in the door), but i just thought if this is your first birth that you may not be aware that you will be craving HOME with all its comforts and benefits shortly after your new child arrives. there is support there but nothing much to be gained from an extra night.

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    A lot of first-time Mums are nervous about taking their bundle home (I know I was). If you feel you need to stay an extra day, speak to your Dr. Remember, you can also contact Annerley or Yvonne Heavyside, who both provide home services and can come visit you as often as you like.

    Good luck!

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    plumtree is offline Registered User
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    Hi I gave birth at Matilda and actually checked myself out one night early because I could not wait to get home! It's a great hospital, but it's still a hospital, with various interruptions in the night, people coming in to clean the room, a strange bathroom, other people's visitors, lights on at weird times, limited internet access, hospital food... But maybe it's nicer in a single room! Do ask for all the help you can get while in hospital but it's also worth getting the numbers of maternity nannies just in case you need help (as Rani suggested); check out Annerley or the Nanny Experts for more info.

    The nursing staff at Matilda were very helpful in giving info about feeding, bathing baby etc..

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    Obiwan is offline Registered User
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    Hi Workingmom1975, I was just at Matilda in August and I stayed an extra night (3+1) as my baby had jaundice and needed to be under the light for a day. I had a choice to continue staying at the maternity ward (cost = HKD6,300) or check out of the maternity ward and check the baby into the ped ward and room in with her (half the price). We chose the former as we wanted access and help from the nursery. I am sure if they have rooms available, you will have no problem staying an extra night if you would like to :)

    The price quoted above is for private room and does not cover food. Let me know if there are other things you would like to find out? Happy to assist.

    I enjoyed my stay at the Matilda though. No problem with cleaners (put a Do Not Disturb sign up), no noise from other patients/visitors, no lights on at weird times, no problem with internet access, and the midwives (most of them) are really really good.

    The extra night actually turned out to be good for us, as the baby got rid of the jaundice, and I had my milk supply better established (milk flow typically does not come on the first or the second day). Having said that, I wouldn't stay an extra night if not for the jaundice ... HKD6,300 is really expensive!!!

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