I'm a face & body painter; I have national & international awards etc so I promise I am not some weird nutter wanting to look at baby bumps! I have an 11 month old of my own too.

I would like to paint a few baby bellies to advertise a new baby shower package I am offering on my website. I only use EU/ FDA approved cosmetic paints that wash off with soap & water; you can help design/ choose whatever we paint. Usually it takes at least 2 hours depending on the design, and to make it even more relaxing I am happy to paint you in the comfort of your own home.

I am trying to get a professional photographer too but as this is a freebie it may 'just' be me taking photos to use on my www. And of course you get to keep them too!

This is a really popular paint in the UK/ USA. You are NOT naked, just need to be in a top that can be pulled above your bump. You do not even have to have your face in the shot.

BIG bumps, as in the last 6 weeks are best for me. Babies seem to like this, i have seen them tickle back from the idside at the brush strokes!

I don't want to advertise on here w/o permission so if you are interested please pm me on here & I'll send my details.

Please not I only need a maximum of 5 tummies to paint as this as a freebie - I usually charge!