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Homeschooling for 2 years old...

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    Homeschooling for 2 years old...

    Hi mummies

    just wondering if any of the expat moms or even locals are home schooling your kids. If so, how do you cope?

    I am thinking of doing so as i am tad fed up wth the waiting list of the schools and the absurdity of interviews... i am not sure if home schooling is the right thing though. D is now 2 year 5 monts. Not exactly speaking in sentence but certainly can string words together. Even though we are billingual, he understands only english...

    meanwhile i am sending in my application for small world and rosaryhill kindergarten...
    any feedbacks will be good. thanks!

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    Last I checked, homeschooling is not legal in Hong Kong. That said, you are not required to send your child to school until P1 anyway.

    If I were temperamentally inclined (read: patient and organized enough), I would like to homeschool. There are many online resources about homeschooling that you can refer to. Good luck.

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    there is no need to 'HOMESCHOOL' a 2 year old! most kids around the world do not go to school until 4-5 years for one year of kindergarten, then on to primary school.

    a 2 year old needs:

    1)someone to spend time with them
    2) someone to talk to them (not just "teach them" but just talk about everyday normal things)
    3) someone to take them out into the world, be it a playgroup or just a trip to the library, a museum, the playground, shopping

    a 2 year old does NOT need to go to school. there is no need for you to fret about not getting into a "good school" at this stage. jsut spend time with your child and take your child out to meet and PLAY with other children. children learn best when playing. that is a child's job.... to play.

    when "playing" with blocks/lego, a child is learning physics, mathematics, patterning, dexterity, hand-eye coordination amongst other things.

    when "playing" with dolls, a child is learning how to behave, how to care for others, how to be compassionate, how to dress, parts of the body amongst other things.

    really, don't beat yourself up. you are already doing a great job. have faith in yourself as a parent and as your child's MOST IMPORTANT TEACHER.

    good luck!
    (ps. my 4.5 yr old didn't go to "school" until he was 3.5 and my daughter will be the same.)

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