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Finished Contract - Apply through agency?

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    Finished Contract - Apply through agency?

    Can anyone shed light on what the deal is with a helper that has her finished contract (but not having it renewed). She is in HK and we want to employ her.

    Do we have to go through an agency?


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    glad you found someone! let me know how things go.

    as for your question, i don't think that you have to go through an agency, but i would call the philippine consulate and ask them. they will be able to tell you for sure.

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    If she knows her way around, you can save your moolah and get her to do all the paperwork. You simply need to pay for the fees.

    Via an agency, they usually have to pay a commission on top of the fee you've paid.

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    I've enquired with Emry with regards to such a situation. The helper does not have to pay them a commission. Only the employer pays a fee.

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    The helper can do the paperwork. She needs to pick up the pack from immigration. You will need to pay the processing costs which should be less than $500. Good luck

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