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Activities for 6 month old?

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    Activities for 6 month old?

    My 6 month old son is a very active little baby. He used to be very friendly around people (both those he sees often and those he doesn't see very often) until around 2 weeks ago when he started to get scared or at least a little nervous/anxious when strangers (or friends of ours we only see once every few weeks) approach him to talk to him. He definitely won't let people he doesn't know hold him now. I've been told that he is like this because he is starting to recognize people and therefore gets a little nervous around strangers. My mother-in-law says that we need to take him out more often to see other people but as my husband and I both work, we only take him out on the weekends. So I was thinking maybe I should be taking him to some activities, like Kindermusik or Gymboree also so that he can socialize with other babies and see other adults more often.

    Can anyone suggest some fun activities for a 6 month old? Or is that too young to take him to activities? Thanks.

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    My baby (now almost 8mth) was like that for a couple weeks. He pouted and frown when strangers approached him. But after a couple weeks, he became friendly to everyone again (except when he is cranky/sleepy). We take him to restaurants once or twice a week so he is exposed to people and noise.

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    My toddler when through the same stages that yours seems to be going through: loved people, happy to be held by everyone, then scared of people (at about 8mths), and now back to loving new people again (at about 1 yr +). I think it's just a phase they pass through and grow out of. Going to classes can help I guess, but we signed him up more because he was getting bored at home hanging out with our helper (and it gave our helper ideas for playtime with him). Kindermusic is great as well as Panda Junction and he started going around the 5-6 month mark. Also, he loves just hanging around with our neighbours' children and going to the playground.

    It's just a phase!

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    We moved here when my son had just turned 6 months old. He was crawling and standing up in his crib too. I enrolled him into Panda Junction which he loved!!!!! We also had a playgroup in our blding too which was wonderful.

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