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BF morning and night only - how long will supply hold up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenzhennifer View Post
    But Koan, does your son like it better than mangos?

    I'll ask!

    Boob is his favourite thing in the world. It's so cute. :lovedface

    BTW, I agree with TSTMum about pumping once a day for a week or so. If you do it slowly, and reduce the time pumping every day you should be OK and not get engorged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koan View Post
    I do!

    I thought it was lovely.

    My son is just on 20mnths and I love it that he can now verbalise how much he enjoys BFing, he tells me it's yummy! I hope he BFs long enough to remember it when he's older, like the older daughter in the video does.

    The whole video gave me the warm fuzzies. Thanks for posting, thanka2.

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