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Hungry Baby!

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    Hungry Baby!

    I have been expressing my feeds for my 10 1/2 week old baby and have noticed that the time between feedings has been decreasing rather than increasing. I have been feeding her approx 4oz per feed, and so have tried slightly increasing the amount but haven't noticed too much difference, she seems to want to feed every two hours. This is getting really exhausting and i am wondering if anyone has any suggestions?!

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    Growth spurt comes to mind. Isn`t there one around 3 months, I can`t remember, but maybe she is having one earlier. I would ride it out for a couple more days and then see what happens. In the meantime, maybe you can keeping adding more to see if she`ll drink it.

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    3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months... probably just a growth spurt.

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