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Feeding 3 month old

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    Feeding 3 month old

    My baby is almost 3 months old and weight wise is 95th percentile. He feeds 3 hourly all day/night long.

    Question is, should I try to space out his feeds to 4 hourly as he is quite a big baby? At night he is able to have 1 long stretch of sleep (4-6 hours) so I know he is capable of going longer than 3 hours without a feed.

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    Don't worry about your baby it sounds like he is doing fine. Many breastfed babies are very large at three months and then put on weigh more slowly for the next 9 months. They the might even be considered small babies at one year but are usually again average babies at two years.

    My second son was 19 lbs at 4 months but only weighed 22 lbs at 12 months. He was health and happy and there was no problem.

    It is normal to have a longer stretch without food during the night but not during the day. At night I manage to go 11 hours with no food but I can?t manage more than about six hours during the day.

    It is best to follow your baby's cues and let him tell you when he wants to eat and when he doesn't. He will eat when he needs to and not when we tell him he needs to. This way he will be in tune with his body's needs - a useful asset in our world of overeating.

    Best wishes,

    La Leche League Leader

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