I had my first baby with Dr Ho in April this year following a series of IUI treatments in 2008. In the end I got pregnant naturally. I did think of changing doctors due to his manner, but the further we got through the pregnancy the more reassuring I found him. He is cautious, but in a positive way, which made us feel confident he would never let anything bad happen to the me or the baby. At the end he wanted to induce me for medical reasons and my husband and I saw him twice to discuss the pro's and con's. He was extremely patient in both appointments and gave us a lot of his time and excellent information to allow us to make an informed decision. I had a natural delivery and he was excellent throughout. I would return to him without any hesitation.

Kelly is a great asset and was extremely supportive as well. She runs the practice very efficiently. But I found that it worked better when I rang before appointments to check if he was running on time. From what I hear from friends all the leading Ob/Gyns in HK over-book and run late and as per another poster I have heard that Dr Ghosh is very chaotic.

One final note the anaesthetist that Dr Ho works with, Dr Ernie Yau, was also great and gave me an epidural without any issues at all (and I am terrified of needles!)