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Feeding new solids...

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    Feeding new solids...

    Hi everyone - quick question about what to do when feeding new solids. I'm just starting to give 6 month old son veggies (he's been having rice cereal for 2-3 weeks now). As I am worried about any allergic reactions, I will follow the 3 day rule for introducing each new food. But was wondering, during those three days, do I give the same food everyday? Or do I only give it on the first day to see if he has a reaction and if he has none by the third day, move on to the next food item. Thanks!

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    For the second baby, I did the first food for three days, but by the second, I did only one day before alternating with the first for the next two days. Same for the third: alone on the first day before alternating and even mixing for the next two days. I found that when I was too strict with the first child keeping to 3 days for each food only that by the time I reintroduced something, he had forgotten that he liked it and rejected it! As a result, my first son now still prefers food that he was introduced to later - meats, sushi, etc., while my second still prefers his vegetables. Fortunately, they usually achieve a pretty balanced palate by age 4, so whatever makes it easier for you, go for it!

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    The idea is to give the same food every day. For example:
    Breakfast - cereal and 1st food
    Lunch - only cereal
    Next day same, next day same, then on day 4:
    Breakfast - cereal and 2nd food
    Lunch - cereal and 1st food
    And so on. So you`re always building on what they have already eaten, but not eliminating the previous foods.
    Actually, I didn`t follow this - I followed Annabel Karmel`s book at first where the baby got a new food every day nearly. But then when my baby gradually got an allergy, I had no idea what caused it and I had to start over, taking it more slowly.
    I would suggest to write down what you feed your baby and when and if there are any reactions like a rash or something.
    But I don`t think you necessarily have to do it like the 3 day 3 day thing, if you are closely monitoring what your baby is eating.

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