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Need advice- 1st week with helper

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    Good decision 1stimemum - I`m sure you`ll be sleeping a lot better these days. It`s easier to tolerate someone when you know they are leaving. And maybe it will teach your helper a valuable lesson for next time if someone employs her again.
    I would definitely try to get your agency to find you another helper without charge, especially since they got you a scammer the first time round;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1stimemum View Post
    hi to all. Final update

    Well after deliberation. My husband and I are going to just let her serve out the month (She borrowed 6000 from us- this will only offset 2/3 ) and we are just going to use her 1 mths's service to offset the loan.

    Not forgetting I paid $4000 already for agency fees+ air ticket, this has been a painful, expensive exercise and one I definitely wont want ever repeating.

    Maybe other 1st time mums and employers will gain some perspective from my case. its really TRULY important to lay down ground rules from day one and just never waver.

    we were complete pushovers. no more.
    You paid $4000 HKD + air ticket?! What agency did you go through? We paid $3000 HKD and visa, air ticket, and paperwork were included and they also brought her out to our house (waaaay out in the New Territories) and are checking in every week to make sure she's okay and we're okay and to see if we need anything. Also, our agency refunds your money or replaces your helper up until the end of the 2-year-contract. If you terminate your helper within the first 3 months for bad behavior (and what your helper was doing definitely qualifies), all of the costs and paperwork are done at no extra cost to you as well.

    I'd say that your agency has some responsibility in all of this as well--they should either refund your fee or replace your helper.

    I'm sorry you got burnt in this situation. That's why I think it's crucial to pick a good agency.

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    1stimemum - don't be stressed out. In the worst case you can always get someone to help out on a part-time basis while you look after the baby ...

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