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Helper Questions

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    Helper Questions

    (1)If I pay my live out full time helper the min wage of HKD3580 + HKD1200 housing+ her transport MTR allowance to and from my house is this considered normal, high or low?

    We don't really have an idea beacause she is our first.

    (2)If she is terminated before completion of her 2yrs ( but has good references from her ex employer) is it ok for her to exit to Macau and not returned to Philippines? Its seemed she tried to do that but was stopped and now has to go back to Philippines and she is very concerned we should not mentioned her going to Macau if immigration should call us to ask/ check....any impliacations/ problems here. I mean why is she worried??

    Just want to make sure, gut feeling making me a little nervous about the whole thing now...thanks!!

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    1) live out is illegal. i know that people have live-out and are ok with the illegal arrangement, but personally, i wouldn't be. (i also think that the law requiring helpers to live-in is utterly ridiculous.) i think that what you are proposing is adequate.

    2) AFAIK if the helper has been terminated (maybe dependent upon the reasons for termination) the helper has to return to their country of origin. as for going to macau, why couldn't that be considered a holiday? i don't see any reason to lie to immigration. that seems to me to be a slippery slope and i, too, would be concerned.

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    The boarding house can cost as little as $600. A lot of illegals have $1000 on top of their wage as a flat fee.

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    marie313 is offline Registered User
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    but what kind of hole would they be living in for $600 per month? i would rather pay $1200 and know that at least i am giving them the opportunity to live somewhere half decent. if they then decide to stay somewhere really cheap, that is their choice.

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    LeahH is offline Registered User
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    HKD3580 + HKD1200 housing + her transport allowance is pretty much normal, not high or low, if I compare to people I know doing the same.

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    mumbloxy is offline Registered User
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    $600 or $1,200 also depends on the area. it is impossible to find one for $600 in midlevels. What you are offering sounds reasonable unless you want your helper to share beds and stay in some place without windows. if you are concerned she is taking your money & renting somewhere cheaper, ask to see her rental agreement. Also electricity bill, though minimal but do check with your helper.

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    geomum is offline Registered User
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    Plus you need to give them food allowance if they are not eating with you. Which the Govt has increased from minimum of 300$ to 740$ starting 24th Sept.
    For accomodation 1000- 1200$ is normal because it would also include utilities.

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