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Taxis and car seats

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    CAKaren is offline Registered User
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    Thanks for all the replies so far. I'm having a hard time justifying paying $250+ for a Sit n Stroll (since I already the Britax Marathon here at home) that I'll use for only a few times in HK. Maybe I'll go to Babies R Us and see if there's a cheap and lightweight (though safe) carseat; or, we'll just try to avoid using taxis as much as possible.

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    yonge is offline Registered User
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    I got scolded a lot by taxi drivers whenever I went out with the car seat, so much so that we did stop using it once my son was old enough for us to put him into the Baby Bjorn, so that we could just wear him and the seatbelt together. That might work for you, too. Good luck!

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    IF you use a seatbelt and baby bjorn or something like that, you must not put the seatbelt around the both of you. That is actually LESS safe because if you're in an accident, your weight can crush the baby into the seatbelt. If you want to strap your baby onto you, put the seatbelt around you like a lap sash so that if you're in an accident, you don't crush the baby between yourself and the car seat.

    I'm one of those "bad mums" that just carries my baby in the cab. I used to strap her onto me and put the seatbelt on myself but not her, but now I don't use my baby carrier as much and just hold on to her tight. For me, the hassle of carrying a car seat around everywhere isn't worth it. If I had a car, and if I didn't mind having a super heavy stroller, I would use one of those Orbits or something like that - but for me, I don't think that would really work...

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    Gumboots is offline Registered User
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    I may have just been very lucky but I've used the Maxi cosi since my son was born more than a year ago and had very few grumbles from taxi drivers. I say something like 'sorry but please wait until the baby is safe before we start' and almost all drivers have been lovely about it. A number of times the drivers have cooed at my boy while I strap him in and then reminded me to use my belt too to be safe before we get going.

    I have had a couple of grumpy drivers but they have not been the norm.

    Most hk people love babies - even if they find expats a bit mad!

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    qwert12 is offline Registered User
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    Will a BabyBjorn protect a child in a taxi?
    While your girlfriend might use it for her baby and your pediatrician might even have said it's OK, the Baby Bjorn (or any other type of soft infant carrier – Snugli, etc) will not protect a baby in a crash.

    Researchers Kathleen Weber and John Melvin of the Highway Safety Research Institute at the University of Michigan Medical School tested this scenario using a 30 mph, front, dynamic crash test of the type required by the current federal safety standard for child car seats. In the crash test, an adult held the baby in a soft, cloth front carrier like the Baby Bjorn and used a lap/shoulder belt. The researchers found that this infant was at a very high risk. The tested carrier shredded completely, ejecting the infant dummy into the dashboard. If the carrier had not shredded, they found that the infant would likely still not have survived. As the adult's head traveled forward in the whiplash motion, the adult's chin would have slammed down into the infant's head right where the soft spot is.

    If you find yourself in a taxi with just your infant and a Baby Bjorn (hopefully you never will), there is no way to protect your baby. However, you can still protect yourself by wearing your seatbelt. Putting the seatbelt over you and the baby will only make matters worse. It will not help the baby and will endanger you in the process.

    The link: (more relevant information about how to protect your baby in a car in the link)

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    Aquarian is offline Registered User
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    So what do (responsible) people do? We don't have a car and we rarely use taxis, but might do very occasionally. How should we get our baby home from the hospital when they're born. Not a bus surely??

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    howardcoombs is offline Registered User
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    Happy Valley

    Responsible people look at the risks carefully and make an informed and reasonable decision.

    We put our baby into a moses basket, hopped in a taxi and came home using the normal and usual slow lanes of Hong Kong; 3 times for 3 babies.

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    we bought a SIT'N'STROLL stroller that converts to a car seat. i used them for my two kids until i bought a car and wanted proper carseats. they are not available in hk (afaik) but you can sometimes find them second hand or order one online.

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