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Education System in HK

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    ctrbabe1 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cyberfish88 View Post

    How come your son would start ESF one year earlier than the local system? I thought P1 was still age 5 for both? I too am struggling to understand how the local versus ESF systems work!
    when comparing it to schools in the US, P1 is equal to first grade, which most kids start at 6 years old. ESF starts with Kindergarten, when kids are usually 5 years old. In the local system, K3 is equal to kindergarten in the US.

    So, if you wanted your kids to go in the local system until primary school, you would only send them to k1 and k2, and then switch to esf for kindergarten and on.

    At least, that's how I've come to understand it.

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    In the ESF system the children start at age 5 and the local system they start at age 6. Currently the children in ESF finish school and go to university (or work) a year earlier than the local children do.

    This will be changing in the future as the local system is changing. So the children will do one year less at school but an extra year at university. I do not know what the ESF is planning but I hope it will stay compatible with the UK as, for me; this is one of its advantages.

    Most schools in Hong Kong use December as a cut off date. So if your child is in born between September and December he/she will be in the year above compared to England. This is one reason I asked that my daughter (born in November) be placed in the year below.

    I have friends who have changed from the local system to the international system. Some let their children finish P6 in the local system - so that they don't miss that year. While others have changed after P5 - so the children continue in their correct age group.

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