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Have you considered going back to your home country due to HK Education System?

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    Just want to quickly say there are quite a lot of very good local kindies and primary that promotes English or trilingual language development, plus creative & interactive learning.

    I heard a lot of good things from expat mums who cannot afford int'l kindies with kids attending SUN ISLAND. You can also use school vouchers for this school, so monthly school fee is around $480.

    As for primary and secondary, search for schools that uses English as Medium of Instruction (EMI) and are Direct Subsidy (meaning they get majority funding from parents' school fees but still funded by government), depending on the school you pay $20K - 50K per annum on fees but facilities are usually better, more native english teachers and lower teacher:pupil ratio.

    I agree education system in HK is complicated, but you just need to search harder and you WILL eventually find somewhere that is suitable, or may be even better than home country.

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    Speaking of local kindies offering English programs, there is one that comes to mind near here (but it is still too is expensive for a local kindy, I feel), and I won`t say the name, but their name is actually an incorrect English word, or rather it is just NOT a word. hehehe, not the sort of place I want to send my child.

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