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Baby been having fever

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    Baby been having fever

    My baby is 11 months. We are now in Canada. He has been having fever since saturday, The fever was due to teething and not flu, he has got 4 new teeth growing. Went to the doctor and doctor just say give him tyendol or mortin. His fever is always between 37.3 - 37.9. I am very worried. Any mom got any suggestion what I can do.

    Thank you

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    First of all 37.3 degree celcius is not a fever, temp above 37.5 is. And teething itself wouldn't cause fever, it's just a old wives tale. It's the fact that babies keep picking up things to put into their mouths that increase the chance of getting an infection that causes the fever. Panadol (or tyendol in your country) can relieve fever, but 37.9 is just a low grade fever, I didn't give my baby any med when she was having a temp of 37.8. If your baby is playful, eating good, have enough wet nappies, then I think he's fine. Let his immune system to fight against it so it can get stronger. Just remember to keep him hydrated, if he doesn't like solids at this moment (my girl refused solids while she was sick), give him as much milk as he wants, keep him hydrated and enough nutritions to fight.

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