I recently purchased, after a lot of research a taxi harnes for my son and since buying it I have had many many friends express interest in it and asking for the details of where to purhase one, so I thought i would share the details with everyone.

Before I do it though I would like to add that I know it is not as safe as a car seat etc etc but I feel at the moment it is the safest option available in HK when using taxis.

It is called the joey safe

JoeySafe Freedom Ride Child Safety Harness

It only takes (after some practice) about 1 minute max to put on which I always do in advance at home or before leaving the shopping mall etc. It can be used on any of the 3 seat belts in a taxi. It is suitable for any child from about 12 months to (guessing ??) 6 years ish as the starps are adjustable.

They deliver internationally.

If anyone knows of a safer portable option please let me know.

Also for people with older children I found this during my reasearch - I will probably use it in the future but I think the children have to be 3 yrs approx for it to fit - I haven't tested it but I think it looks good.


hope this helps some of you