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Recipes ideas for 13months

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    Recipes ideas for 13months

    My girl recently 13.5mths is starting to establish a more regular meal routine and I am thinking of more ideas to offer her different variety of food.
    So far her breakfast comprises of either bread/toast with butter/ peanut butter/egg/avocado/ cheese, bolied macroroni with minced meat/ fish/ veg, or pancakes or cornflakes with milk
    Any other easy to make breakfast ideas? ( She hates oatmeat.)

    Her lunch and dinner will be basically steamed soft rice with minced pork with vegetables, which could be potato+ carrot+ brocolli+ cheese, pumpkin, sweet corn, spinanch+ cheese,tomato+egg
    or steamed fish.

    She dislikes mashed potato, brocolli and tofu and congee.
    I do not have a real oven at home, only a small toster sort of "oven", I do have a microwave and a steamer at home, will appreciate mums to share some simple and delicious recipes to share or exchange? In particular chicken recipes or is this a good time to introduce beef?

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    by 1 year a child can eat anything and everything you do, just in smaller pieces and smaller quantities.

    there is no need to make special meals for your little one any longer! yea!

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    This is a strange recipe but for some reason my son loves it.

    Handful of Buckwheat pasta
    1 small zuchinni/courgette, chopped finely
    1 small onion, chopped finely
    4 tablespoons of baked beans

    Cook the pasta as per packet directions, fry the onion till soft and then add the zuchinni and cook till soft (you could steam the zuchinni in the microwave to make it quicker). Stir in the baked beans and pasta to warm through.

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    breakfast: french toast! cinnamon raisin toast with jam/butter
    lunch/dinner: coucous with veggies, chicken teriyaki, lasagna, vegetarian mild chili, tortellini, ravioli. i usually just mix the tortellini and ravioli with a little butter, parmesan cheese and add peas and/or corn and broc.

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    you all mums are excellent cooks!

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