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Strollers and Travelling

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    for cx, they offer the plastic to cover up my stroller from hong kong to malaysia, but they didn't offer from malaysia back to hong kong, so keep the plastic bag for the returning flight. also, not sure if every airlines offer or is it just cx. you might wanna bring some wet antiseptic towels, to wipe the stroller when they return it to you.

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    I also have the orbit and when my son still used the infant carseat it was great, we rolled it up to the gate, detached the carseat and put it in a plastic bag (i would bring my own garbage bag, just in case the airline didn't provide one) and folded up the frame and detached the pod - which we used as our diaper bag.

    Cathay will give you plastic bags, and I think so will ANA. not sure about other airlines, but if you are concerned, just shove a couple of large trash bags into the pod.

    have fun.

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    Thanks all for your replies!

    Kmalia - when you folded up the frame, did you also bring a garbage bag to put it in or did Cathay put it in one of their plastic bags?

    Carey - We've had our son sit in his car seat from the day he came out of the hospital! He hated it for the first week or two and would cry whenever we put him in it. But after that, he has had no big problems. Though sometimes, when we are out to dinner if he has been sitting in it for too long, he'll want to come out to look around. I've also noticed that he gets really fussy in the car seat when he gets too hot. The material that the car seat is made out of makes him really hot. Hopefully with the cooler weather now, it should be better. At 7 months he still fits in it. Though he is only an average size baby - probably around 16.5 pounds now. We've just recently taken out the toddler seat and put him in it to try. He fits in the toddler seat now, but looks quite small in it. One other very important thing - have toys attached to the car seat! We never leave home now without at least two toys attached on either side of his car seat. Plus I have to carry small toys in the diaper bag to give to him when he gets bored. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by southside852 View Post
    we had a protective cover specifically for carseats that we bought at Babies R Us in the US, but I am sure they have them somewhere in HK.
    I recommend getting a stroller bag, too. We bought a stroller bag at B2B, which has been absolutely brilliant. Our stroller has done many, many flights and is still in reasonable condition, but I cannot say that for the stroller bag (so assume that the stroller by itself would get knocked around as much as the bag)!!!

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    have a great time in japan!!!

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