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Poll: In my opinion, Freebirthing is...

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Outlaw Births

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    Up until fairly recently, childbirth was the most dangerous thing a woman could do. Given the fantastic public maternal and child health resources Hong Kong has to offer, freebirth just seems unnecessary to mother and child.

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    In the past 100+ years, maternal death rates (dying while in childbirth) have decreased dramatically--thanks to things like the understanding of germs and sanitation (washing your hands, sterilizing equipment etc.) as well as breakthroughs in modern science (blood typing, blood transfusions, respirators etc.) and a basic rise in the quality of life and nutrition of people as well as access to medical care. However, the maternal death rate has gone up in countries with a high c-section rate recently Obesity is also a factor in maternal death rate. I think the act of giving birth to a child can be viewed in different ways and much of how things go depends on perception as well. So, I think the act of giving birth to a child is fairly "safe", but giving birth to a child when you yourself are malnourished, have no access to clean water or medical services and in unsanitary conditions definitely made childbirth risky in the past--and in many countries today still.

    Pregnancy & Childbirth | Maternal Mortality Rate in U.S. Highest in Decades, Experts Say -

    Isn't unassisted birth dangerous? ~ Empowered Childbirth

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