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son told to "get a haircut"?!?

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    maybe local kinders don't want other children copying it?

    this reminds me of my brother, when he was in grade 1 or 2 the teacher called my mom and asked her to take him for a haircut to cut off his 'tail' (it was a natural one he's had for AGES, back of his head, if you know what i mean). She refused as it was natural and it wasn't even that long.

    The next day the teacher took upon herself to cut it off with a pair of scissors. My mom threw a fuss, i still remember it, she went to school and pretty much yelled at everyone and in the end they had to apologise (but then, the hair is gone...)

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    I would counter complain. But do it to her co-worker in front of her.
    There are so many amsuing ways to handle this, I`m just giggling in my head thinking of them all.
    I would want to know, however, if such a school policy might exist. You never know - HK is not the most laid back place in the world. they might actually have a haircut policy. In some other countries they do, though I think that might start from primary school.
    Otherwise, I would either counter complain in a comedic snarky way as I suggested, or if you`re really peeved, then to the principal in a serious way. It was pretty senseless to talk that way in front of your son, who is adorable by the way, and whose haircut doesn`t look left of centre at all. He`s what, FOUR?

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    i would just ignore. Unless it's in a ridiculous 'rules' handbook saying short back n sides etc. for boys - then it's just one person's conservative opinion. Next she'll be commenting on 'those kind of clothes' etc.

    i'm sure said with no malicious intent - just superkeen jobsworth type probably.

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    that's a cute haircut, i like it..
    but you might wanna talk to the teacher and make sure there is no issue about that.

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    I think the teacher may be expressing her own point of view. If you had a chat to the principal you may find the school has no issue with your son's haircut at all. If they do, then their method of home/school communication is clumsy and a bit unprofessional.

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    Firstly I dont know what this teacher is talking about when she says his haircut is inappropriate. I think its perfectly sober and he looks so adorable. Most importantly he likes to having his hair cut in this way, like others said unless it something totally bizzare noone should object. Secondly to say such a thing in his presence is insensitive, it might have upset him to hear what she said. You should talk to the teacher directly why she is making such a fuss. Or else talk to the principal.

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    This is the only thing that keeps running through my head when I read this post:

    Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job

    Y'know, I'm sure that many ladies on here would disagree with this, but I find that acting like the crazy, foreign b*tch serves me well here in HK sometimes. Especially when it comes to dealing with this sort of thing. I honestly, would first talk to the teacher and be very direct about how inappropriate her remarks were. I would warn her that the next step is to talk to the principal about her own horrible haircut. :0) Honestly, I would be upset and anyone who in any way messes with mama bear is gonna get their head chewed off--but that's just me.

    [Like the time that an old lady took a swing at my son in his stroller with her cane on the street in HK--I didn't care that she was almost 90-years-old that wench almost got that cane shoved down her throat---or at least that's what I visualized in my mind--she definitely had a very angry crazy, foreign b*tch yelling into her face]

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    well, i went in today and spoke directly with the principal.

    I was not a foreign bitch from hell at all, I just spoke very plainly. I stated that i didn't understand why there was a problem. I said:

    My son:
    1) always looks neat and tidy
    2) has his hair cut often so IT always looks neat and tidy
    3) doesn't cause problems in the classroom
    4) always does his homework

    I just didn't understand why there was a problem. She apologised and explained that there is another child that has a "very punky" haircut. (My helper confirms this.) The school decided that it was "too punky" and asked the mother to please get a more appropriate haircut for the child. The teachers then decided that they should also ask my son to cut his hair so that the other mother would see that all of the kids were treated equally.

    i said that i could understand it if my son's hair was REALLY punky, died neon green and such but that currently his haircut is fairly harmless. she agreed and said not to worry about it. his hair is fine.

    i also asked that the next time there is a problem that they contact the parent directly and not approach the helper with the child as the child might take it badly and be upset.

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