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How much is enough?

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    20 months is so young. My 2 and a half year old only goes 2 mornings a week 8.30-11. He started when he was 2.

    I really believe children need 1) to socialise so school is great for that but 2) to learn to entertain themselves, which is where home time comes in. I feel if you put them in an environment where they are told what to do, when to do it, how to do it they will come to need that all the time. Kids need loads of free play.

    So i would say just twice a week for at least a few months then you could go up to 3 times. Our 3 and a half year old goes 4 times a week despite the pressure the school puts on us to go 5. What's the point? Does he really need 5 times a week? I work from home, we have a good helper, he can fun with us or god forbid, he can entertain himself with his toys. I always think about what my children will tell their friends when they are older- 'yeah well we were in school 5 days a week from the age of 2...' What is quite normal in HK is so abnormal in most other places in the world. Most people wouldn't understand that it's simply how things are here.

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    i think it also depends on how many kids you have.

    i have two and they play together ALL the time. they can easily entertain themselves for hours on end. BUT there are no other children in our village during the day, so the only way they get to learn how to play with other children is by going to school or playgroups.

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    when you say "playroups" do you mean ones that are informally formed by mom's or more structured ones where you pay for a program? For my son, he did:

    6-12 months: playgroups in our blding, Panda Junction, Music Together

    12 months - 18 months: Tutor Time once a week, Kindermusik, Music Together, playgroups with friends that were nanny run and mommy run

    18-24 months: Tutor Time twice a week, Gymboree, playgroups, Socatots

    There are tons of of classes for younger children (6 months+) - most would be in Central though.

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