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Experts suggest to stop cow milk consumption

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    I was brought up on cows milk, as were my parents and all my family and friends. I have no allergies, no cancer and neither do any of my family or friends. I think that you can make the argument that all food contains something or other that causes allergies and cancer. It seems like everything is bad for us to eat and drink.

    I personally do not like the taste of the milk from Hong kong so me and my family have Pura but we have it in moderation. My son has it on his cereal in the mornings but does not drink it, he prefers water. I have it occasionally in cereal but drink black coffee so I think that in moderation, it is fine - just my two cents worth!

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    u can see The NOTMILK Homepage! (MILK is a bad-news substance!) and u can find many reasons not to give your child any cows milk/goat milk/formula

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    I've also been thinking about MILK as my son has just turned 1. He is still on formula as I have a couple of tins left and didn't want it to go to waste. I'm lactose intollerant and so only drink soy milk, rice and oat milk etc, and so by default does my husband. I've also read cows milk is hard to digest and I believe that cows milk is for baby cows. If I was to give my son cows milk it would be the organic variety which is hormone free. But I'm leaning towards just giving him soy milk, rice milk, oat milk and almond milk.

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    Monsanto is a frankly sinister organisation with a gigantic, global footprint - the research on Bovine Growth Hormone is downright scary. A lot of members of my extended family have sensitivities to not only lactose, but the casein/protein in all animal milk (though goats milk is supposedly easier to digest).

    BUT my kids love their dairy! We buy organic fresh milk from 360 or Wellcome and keep long life cartons in the cupboard when it is sold out (frequently).

    Unfortunately it is all homogenized and there are some compelling arguments to avoiding homogenisation! I would be all for buying raw milk if I could, however it's illegal for farmers to sell it here.

    The costs are a nightmare, but 360 and some Park n Shops often discount their organic meat and yoghurts (I go later in the day) and tubs of organic Horizon cream cheese are more affordable than organic hard cheeses and great for cooking and babies puree's etc.

    Fortunately my kids have no allergies or behavioural issues. If they did, dairy would be the first thing I would be cutting out. As it is I try to keep them fairly free of refined grains, refined sugars, preservatives and E numbers etc.

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