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Matilda vs Canossa

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    Canossa, since am a Catholic and I can take my NB baby with me to the little chapel to pray;) price is much less too.

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    Matilda v Canossa

    I was waitlisted on Matilda and also booked with the canossa. And since my Dr was not one of the doctors that deliver mainly in Matilda, I remained only waitlisted (even though I tried to book when I wasn several weeks pregnant) until I finally had to pay for the deposit at the Canossa, so i ended up in the Canossa (gave birth by c-section late Oct 08).

    I think whether it would make a big difference to go to one rather than the other depends to an extent on the type of room you have. I have to say when I did antenatal classes with the matilda and visited the place, I was very impressed with the first-class rooms with the balcony and everything looked much newer and nicer compared to the Canossa. Also, I have no doubt that the food there is excellent and cannot be compared to that in other hospitals. However, I don't think the twin or larger rooms are that special. On the other hand, if you're going to have a First class delux or a private single room at the Canossa, (I had a single private room) I really don't think there's anything wrong with it. The staff overall are friendly and the visiting hours are flexible though generally only the partner can stay there over night I think. Also, it's much more centrally located and personally I enjoyed having tons of visitors and lining up all the champagne bottles in my room. So, if you don't manage to get a place in time for the Matilda and do end up at the Canossa, it really is ok. Also, they've just built a brand new extension, so I'm sure it will soon look quite modern.

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    i gave birth to my daughter in canossa back in 2003 and m going to matilda next week for the little one but i bedrested in matilda for 3 days last month so I have a little experience in both hospitals. I think both hospitals r good. I would say the style in Matilda is more western. You can have your baby with u all day despite the room type in Matilda. Only private room can do that in Canossa. But you can ask the nurse to bring you your baby to do breast feed instead of walking all the way to the nursery. However, visitors n father may only watch through the glass if they want to see the baby outside feeding time. I like the room n environment in Matilda better than Canossa. It's more peace n quiet where it can be a bit busy n noisy in Canossa. The location of Canossa is more convenient than Matilda for those not residing in the mid level. Not sure if that would be a problem when one is rushing to the hospital with contraction. The food menu in Canossa a mix of chinese/local and western. You can find drinks like ovaltine or horlick, hongkong style milk tea in the menu or toast with butter n condensed milk. Matilda menu is more "decent", u can have a variety of main dish to choose and have a slice of delicious tiramisu n cheesecake as dessert :9. By the way, I am told that some doctors charge higher for delivery in Matilda just because of the location.

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