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Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital?????

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    niahbear is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2006
    Hong Kong

    Question Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital?????


    Just seeking some comments and opinions on the Tsuen Wan Adventist hospital? How were the costs? Treatment of dads? OBs? Staff?

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2008
    Tsuen Wan

    I have only been there to see the pediatrician and a regular GP.
    It`s a pretty small hospital, very private in its pricing and drug pushing. If I were having a baby, I would rather go to a bigger private hospital.

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    spockey is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2007

    Didn't deliver there but had a terrible experience with our son.

    Our son had to be hospitalised there. We made a decision after that experience that we will NEVER return to that hospital. Total lack of communication, the nurses did not know how insert an IV drip - took several tries and tried to shoo us away so that we would not notice their incompetence despite signs around the ward about their open policy. Visitors were not controlled. Eating right in front of our son who was not allowed to eat. Noisy - constantly talking in the ward and along the corridors. We requested for a private ward but they didn't have one.

    We also learnt after that terrible experience that a pregnant mother who delivered there was left with a terrible infection due to her OBGYN's lack of care during delivery.

    After the TW Adventist experience, when there's trouble, we head straight to Matilda or if it's public, the POW in Shatin - amazing how this public hospital has better service and staff that TW Adventist at just $100!

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    arleneli is offline Registered User
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    If I am not mistaken They gave out wrong formula to new mums last week.

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