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Any Sr Exec Moms work during maternity leave?

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    Going back was tough for the first few months the first time, I was very lucky in securing one day from home and also took a couple of hours on one morning to go to a baby class. I wasn't asking to work less, just differently, taking into account the amount of work I do in the evening due to time zones etc.

    With number two I am still direct feeding morning and night so have implemented a black out zone 6-8pm. I often don't take much of a lunch hour and leave at 5.45pm. Its no calls during this time unless it's a massive emergency but after 8pm it's open season... It's odd leaving at 5.45pm every night as I'm used to working late, but the BF has made me very strict.

    I know it will be hard for the next few months but if it goes the same way as number 1 did, I will settle into a routine eventually. I do pack it in on the weekends, everything is based around the kids so any 'me time' gets slotted in during the week at lunchtimes.

    I'm lucky I have two amazing helpers so feel totally confident leaving the kids with them. Like Obiwan I'm pretty close to work, under 15 mins by cab, so can be home very quickly.

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    Whilst on maternity leave I checked emails daily, but replied only to the most essential ones that other colleagues could not deal with. I was selective about the conference calls that i joined.

    Going back to work for me was really tough. I had to resume work at 10 weeks post natal, as I had no negotiating power - I started a new job in my 3rd trimester! Furthermore my company is a manufacturer, very bricks and mortar and expected long hours to be put in with no flexi arrangements. I was in tears going back to work the first few days as my baby was tiny. The first month was really hard, just getting back into the swing of work and pumping milk twice a day in the office, then zipping off home at 6pm for yet another feed, and breastfeeding exclusively including night feeds. I was really short of sleep the first couple of months. But it did get easier. By the 3rd month i started to feel that I was getting on top of things. During busy phases I would have to do calls to New York in the evenings and calls to California in the morning, as far as possible from home rather than in the office. A lot of multi tasking and making sure my domestic helper had clear instructions and the household routine, meals, all planned properly. I am also lucky that my helper has been excellent, and hubby works from home. Today baby is 8 months old and thriving. I think to myself that it has been possible to meet her physical needs. I still don't know the answers to meeting her emotional and developnmental needs for the time to come. However I am happy to see that she is close to me because I chose to breastfeed and (with hubby) care for her during the night rather than pass the job to the helper. We are not from HK so we do not have family members here to help out, only our helper. I do feel envious of the mums who have been able to work part time or have flexi arrangements. It is good to know that there are mums out there who are workign full time in demanding jobs, facing the same concerns/dilemmas.

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